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  • I flew in for my appointment in the middle of Covid. He was recommended as a top ortho by my employer's medical concierge team. He is incredible a breeze on my knee pain the next day. His team and office staff are top notch- on par with Mayo Clinic. We are fortunate to have doctor...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • Two weeks ago, as I limped into the hospital for a total knee replacement, I was filled with lots of mixed emotions.

    ~ E. Bryant ~

  • The entire experience, from initial examination and diagnosis through rehabilitation, has been handled in a most professional and personable manner. We truly appreciate the efforts of Dr. Mack and his entire staff.

    ~ G. Tesch ~

  • At the age of 44, I never thought I would have to say I had total knee replacement surgery on both knees, but the way Dr. Mack and his staff approached my situation of replacing my partial knee replacements made it a more comfortable decision.

    ~ Pamela M. ~

  • In the late mid 70's my wife & I spoke with Greg S. and asked him "how they did it"...rode their bikes from Alaska to South America. His response; it's easy, "just do it". Fast forward to last week-end and picture your patient, 4 months after a total patient specific knee replacement, up on his wake...

    ~ Chris C. ~

  • It has been eight weeks since my partial knee replacement and now I realized just how much I was missing. Having it done has made such a difference to my life. For a start my leg is now straight and my knees actually touch! I

    ~ Wendy E. ~

  • As a student at Jersey Village HS, Dr. Mack found that I tore ligaments in my ankle in 2002 after reviewing hospital x-rays that didn't look right. Because of him, it has pushed me into becoming an orthopedic surgeon as well.

    ~ Adam P. ~

  • A little more than a year ago, my knees caused me an extraordinary amount of pain whenever I stood or walked for any significant amount of time. I had been doing ongoing, extensive research into knee replacement surgury, including a search for surgeons.

    ~ Scott L. ~

  • Dancing has always played a major role in my life. You can imagine the amount of damage to my knees after 60+ years. The pain was severe and my fear of surgery kept me off the dance floor for a few years.

    ~ P.C. Chernosky ~

  • Dr. David R. Mack replaced my right hip in June 2009, and my left in October 2010. I am already able to go places and do things on my own again. His excellent staff are very caring and helpful throughout the entire process, including recovery.

    ~ Judy W ~

  • Dr. Mack did reverse total shoulder joint replacement surgery on me with fantastic results. After a serious fall, I was in considerable pain and now a short two months after surgery, I am pain free. Thank you Dr. Mack!!!

    ~ Delores S. ~

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Mack, your staff, the physical therapy department, and the staff at North Cypress Medical Center.

    ~ Olive E. ~

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Mack, your staff, the physical therapy department, and the staff at North Cypress Medical Center. You have done everything to reassure me and assist me in my recovery.

    ~ Olive E. ~

  • It is has been 5 months since I had my partial knee replacement with the Comformis IUni. I am totally happy with the results. The surgery went just like Dr. Mack and his staff explained and my recovery has gone along much faster and smoother than I had ever anticipated.

    ~ Sharon S. ~

  • Recovery at home went very well. The incision healed quickly with no problem. My husband worked during the day, and so I was alone, but I didn't have much difficulty at all. It really amazed me how simple everything was.

    ~ Leslie F. ~

  • Now I have full use of my knee and it is hard to even find the 4 inch scar. I can walk with no more leg pain, and I am grateful to Dr. Mack for his professional work. I am a senior citizen and consider the procedure easy.

    ~ Robert B ~

  • I highly recommend Dr. David Mack and his method of doing “partial knee replacement” or any other type he may do. I would also recommend that the physical therapy be done according to the doctor’s instructions.

    ~ Wallace P ~

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